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22 April 2008

Wasting Time

Yeah, here I am again, apologizing for a lack of updates. Not to worry. I am fine, wasting time online in the wee hours of the morning. Doing what? Youtube, mostly. Allow me to share with you.

Major Celeb Crush from middle school onwards(even today, I must admit), Adam Ant!

My company spent a grand on the full video / training aid that this is taken from. I had to sit through a full 17 minutes of this at work during a meeting. UGH, but a nice goal, I guess:

I still LOVE to watch this..... I laugh out loud every time!

And Mr. H from the Letter People ( one of my fav shows as a little one): It's HAIR-ible. I mean it's terrible....IT'S HORRIBLE!!!!! Embedding was disabled, so clicky da linky.

Well, there's been that, and Facebook and all its glorious games keeping me busy. Getting stuff ready for Sam's birthday on Thursday. Hopefully I get a few good pictures in so I can share. And our anniversary, FOUR WHOPPING YEARS!, is next Monday. No plans of yet, but we're working on that.

AND, for anyone in StL that reads this, the Greater St. Louis Book Fair is fast approaching. I'm making a list of books to search for this time. Last year, my mind went blank as soon as we got there. NOT THIS TIME :-)

20 February 2008

WARNING: Gross info! Read at own risk!

SO... Long time, no blog. Yeah. Not much to tell. I mean, stuff's going on, but nothing to BLOG about, really.

My niece Olivia had her first birthday 9 February, and she had a great time! And my sister Steph found out she and Brian are going to be parents, again. Baby #2 is due 24 September. How exciting is that?! And more baby related stuff: my cousin is having her baby shower this Saturday. Little ones abound, eh?

I actually got sick a couple weeks ago. Of the many colds and other bugs Michael and Sam have had and shared between them, I've not really gotten sick. Nope, this one I picked up from work, and brought it home all by myself! And fortunately, Mike and Sam didn't get it.

I actually came down with the fever while at work. Everyone knows that feeling: "Gosh, I feel like poo, but I think I can finish my day..." and then the chills set in. I was wearing two shirts already, and put on a sweatshirt jacket....only to still have goosebumps all over! So, trouper that I am, I finished my shift and came home to bundle myself in flannel and blankets. I was running a fever of 102.3, and planted myself at the far end of the sofa, wrapped like a mummy in my blankets, and sat there and shivered.


The fever lowered over the next two days, and by day four, was gone. I was left with the dry cough and, uh, bathroom issues. Like, every 20 minutes for an hour following ANY meal. NOT NORMAL, mind, you. So I call the doctor. He says I have to eliminate caffeine and drink water. And THEN asked what color it was! I mean, gosh, what a question. I suppose I paused for a second or two, having just been asked a disgustingly personal question. Then he goes, " You do look, don't you?" UGH! I can't go on, here, but the remainder of our conversation was gross, and so now, long story short, I'm fully back to normal ol' me, with the dang cough.


My dad's birthday was Monday, 18 February..... he would have been 60 years old. I dunno, this year when his birthday rolled around, it hit me kinda different, and I was a little out of sorts over it. Last year on his birthday, I didn't seem to be bothered by it. Any insights?

Sam did his first REAL drawing the other night, too. Like, he told me what he drew, and I could actually tell what it was. Sad thing, though: he drew it on a MagnaDoodle, so it is very erasable and temporary. I was hoping he'd draw it on paper, so I could display it proudly alongside his other scribblings. NOPE, so I had to take a photo of it quickly.

AND, he is getting in to cooking. A couple nights ago, spaghetti was on the menu, so I head into the kitchen to start making the sauce. As usual, here comes Sam, "Sam cookin' too?" as he scoots a chair up to the counter next to the stove. He helps me stir a pot or pan, blows the steam and whatnot. This night, as he's stirring, he smells the steam, and he says," Pepper? An' salt!" Then he grabs the pepper grinder and adds the pepper!!!! I took some photos of that as well! He looks so proud, standing there with his spatula and pepper grinder, confidently helping his Momma prepare a meal! That's my little man!

Well, I suppose there was more the blog about than I thought. And now, after a very dull night at work, I shall finish my tea and shuffle off to sleepy town.